When We Get Married, Divorce Is Not An Option



Happy African American Man & Woman Couple

Hell No.

You must be joking.

I gave you my word. I stood nervously in front of our families and our friends and promised to love you “till death do us part”. I meant every word in my vow and intend to honour my commitment.

Marriage is an unpredictable journey. Together, we’re going to experience the best moments in our lives but, sure enough, we’re also going to hit rock bottom. But no matter what comes our way, we’re not going to give up on us.

We’re not even going to entertain the thought of a break-up; we’re not even going to joke like that.

So, if I did something wrong, feel free to give me the silent treatment for like an hour – two hours the most. But just know that by the end of the day, we’re going to sit down like adults and you’re going to tell…

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My Dearest Apologizes

As in all things, people want to benefit from it in some way. Thus I’ve decided to move from WordPress to Blogger.com. Primarily for the benefits, which Blogger has. I’m so sorry. I hope you will come and follow as well as like my page and content. I love wordpress but there’s no monetary advantage to it.

Thus, please come and follow me at: http://agirlwithpizazz.blogspot.com/ . Same content as here, as I will transferring data over to the new site.

It would be much appreciated.

Love Always

-Chialine ❤

My Christmas Wishlist

” ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS IS…..YOUUU”…..well not you; other things tho.

♠NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream (Copenhagen, Transylvania, Morroco, Antwerp)

nyxsoftmattelipcreamsnewswatch (1)

(Photo credit: www,thebeautymik.com)

♠ Dressy Earrings( I legit have none.  I may be getting girly….OH MY)


♠ 2 Inch Flat Iron


♠ Essie Nail Polish in Butler Please


(Photo credit: blog.mycosmeticbag.com)

♠Jamaica Sandals Company-Sahara Blossom (Silver)



♠  A bikini (LEGIT I NEED ONE)